"The technical quality is first class. An indispensable portrait of a folk icon"


Cinema Release Nov 2010 / DVD Release April 2011


VIN 1947 – 2017

(5 min. Trailer)

“Vin is a one off. He is local and totally global, very serious and absolutely hilarious. It was a unique and important cultural story from Teesside that I had to document. What I didn’t expect was to discover that, by bizarre coincidence, I had a personal connection to a key chapter of the story” CH


Vin Garbutt is a legend of English folk music. His trademark blend of traditional reels, passionate protest songs and zany patter has won him legions of fans across the world. And he has achieved this, not with any major backing or media profile but with non-stop touring and word of mouth.

Now, after 40 years on the road, Vin’s unique story is told in this definitive documentary. Filmed in Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Europe and his native North East, it combines scenes at home, on the road and in the studio with rare archive footage and candid interviews. ‘Teesside Troubadour’ is typically Vin – fascinating, philosophical and funny!