Donald Playford - Artist

(above) Evening Gazette 1977

AUG 2022: Paintings from Don's school art teacher

I was delighted to receive these 2 originals out of the blue from Michael Greenwell, the son of Don’s art teacher Mr. Greenwell at Langbaurgh School. They are from 1969/70 when Don was 15/16. Fantastic talent at such a young age.  Thank you Michael for getting in touch. 


To the gentleman down South who sent me these photos a few years ago. I have lost your contact details but would love to include scans of these on this page to truly do them justice. If you can help, please get in touch. Thank you.  

2018: The Mclay Collection

Thanks to Auntie Kath Mclay and cousin Mark for digging these out. The first 2 are the earliest paintings by Don that I have ever seen, presumably painted sometime in the mid-60s.  

2018: The Hunt Collection

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Paul and Ann Hunt of Felixstowe who had 3 of Don’s paintings. They were commissioned by Paul’s mother who was one of Don’s teachers at Langbaurgh School in Middlesbrough c1970 when Don was just 16. Many Thanks to Paul and Ann for presenting me with the paintings on a recent visit to the North East. A great addition to the collection.

2016: The Lynch Collection

Thanks to Mick Lynch, an old friend of Don’s from Middlesbrough, for sending his scans of the following pieces from the late 70s.

2014: The Giles Collection

Thanks to Uncle John Giles for these 3 from the 70s.

2014: The Godden Collection

More of Don’s work has come to light – on the Isle of Wight! Many thanks to Bob Godden for sending these excellent photos of seven originals by Don from the late 70s.

2013: Lost Art Located!

2013: The Coulson Collection

Two and a half years after I put up this tribute and appeal, it has finally yielded a result – a collection of some of Don’s long lost artwork! In 1978 & 79, Don was commissioned to produce 10 paintings of birds by a Teesside bank manager. Over Xmas, I got a call from that man; Mr.Coulson (above), now retired and living in the Dales. In early January, I went to see the work with Ray Playford (Don’s brother and my cousin – above right). After 35 years, they were a little faded but are definitely some of Don’s greatest work. Many thanks to Mr. Coulson for getting in touch and allowing us to take pics of them to include on this page. Here’s hoping this is the first of many such calls…who knows how many paintings are out there?

2010: Don's Sketchbook

The only work of Don’s in the possession of his brother Ray was a sketchbook containing these ink drawings of wildlife plus a couple of pencil sketches and an early unframed painting of a blackbird.  There must be more out there long sold – if you have any please get in touch!   


Don’s original artwork or info regarding its whereabouts –
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