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The Story of 'Lynda'
"When I began researching Vin's story, I had no idea that I had, by bizarre coincidence, a personal connection to a key chapter of it. All is explained in the video below" .C.H.

Lynda - Lyrics

Lynda's doctor told her things were bright right from the start,
A baby due in January to warm her longing heart,
But no sooner had she chose the name,
When she heard that her child couldn't ever be the same,
As the ones in the street with the nimble feet,
Playing out a normal part.

Her doctor said that later tests had led him to believe
That things were far more serious than first he had perceived,
He said her child could be deaf or blind,
With at least a definite defect of the spine,
And her friend said,
"If the choice were mine I'd see you were relieved."

Lynda, your kin can't know the torture they put you through,
Or else they'd go head in hands in shame,
Our hearts are true, but in the wrong place,
You know we'd never say to your face
Anything we thought would cause your pain.
Your life is one long giving,
And we've the nerve to say it's not worth living,
And you say you'd go through it all gain.

To Lynda in the final days that advice sounded good,
She knew her friend meant well but take a life she never could,
So her boy was born on a winter's morn
With a hole in his back, an unholy crown of thorns,
Still Lynda smiled on her child new born
As she had sworn she would.

Her doctor said "There is no hope, but I'll do what I can"
Lynda said "As long as I'm not dead, he'll grow to be a man"
So with optimism and operations,
and to Lynda's own great expectations
Science saved the situation to mother nature's plan.

Now Kevin's almost seventeen, his 'O' Levels he's passed,
His mother's heart a storehouse for the pride that she's amassed,
She knew the going would be rough,
but because she's made of the stuff that saints are made of,
She says she's been paid back
with enough love her life to last.

That life is still a struggle and for all, it's plain to see
How she ever copes remains a mystery to me.
But I know if we could be born again
in a kindlier world of super men and women
Then like the person Lynda is, the rest of us would be.
Still, at least young Kevin's grown to be
less handicapped than me.

(Vin Garbutt 1980)

The Gazette article that inspired Vin to write 'Lynda' in 1980...

Joan & Raymond aka 'Lynda' & 'Kevin'
Joan Hall was the sister of my dad Terry Hornby. She was my Auntie and Raymond was my cousin. I have included a selection of pictures of the family below, some of which only recently came to light.
Raymond with mother Joan, 1966 with Nanna Hornby with Joan, Nanna & Uncle Philip.
A Pupil of St. Joseph's, Longlands, Middlesbrough.
Raymond with younger brother Philip, c1971
Raymond and cousin Craig Hornby,
Xmas '67
Raymond with Uncle Dennis Hornby, cousin Chris Hornby at rear and Craig
at the front.
(Back L-R) Joan, Uncle Terry Hornby (Craig's dad), Auntie Vi and father Ray Hall Snr. (Seated L-R) Raymond, Uncle Philip Hornby, brother Philip and Craig at Cayton Bay 1969.
Raymond, Philip & Craig at Scarboro '71.

DisDisability didn't stop him !
Joan, Raymond & Philip

Raymond Hall
Joan Hall
(nee Hornby) 1940-2006

Vin meets Raymond Hall Snr. at Cineworld, Nov 2010.

Vin Film Intro

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